Most of my books take place in the world of Quith, the Land of Ten Kingdoms, where dragons are forgotten legends; black knights do an evil queen’s bidding and the races of Higher Quith stand firm in their faith and loyalty to the rightful King, Eldon. Who knows what creatures roam the underground caverns and hide in Quith’s forgotten places?
I hope you will join me on the journey my characters take through the trials they face and adventures they take.
I can’t promise happy endings, but they do come around every now and then.

Silver Blood
Tells the story of Mairidith and Kaydin, the two children of Dragonse, Keeper of Dragons and Airith, the youngest son of Lord Shaver.
Brother and sister set out to find their father while Airith makes a name for himself: a feared one.
Princes, minstrels and shady characters may also be involved, but I will say no more than that.

Silver Hand
Is a continuation of Silver Blood and brings together old friends on a quest to rescue someone dear to all of them. New friends are made along the way while enemies are met again. With these friends adventure is not an option.

Between the Shadows
Is set in Lower Quith and told by Solnea, a weaver's daughter who lives in the city of Dallen and Row, the stranger who has mysterious eyes and a strange habit of sleeping during the day and seeing in the dark.
There's more to him than even he knows.

Just a Game
When seven year old Meena told her parents about Raiden, the boy who looked like an angel and lived in the world hidden in the woods behind her house, they smiled and said "Isn't that nice, she has an imaginary friend."
But when an accident in that "imaginary" world of hers traumatizes and physiologically damages Meena her parents forbid her to play her "game" any more. Not that she could, the world has shut her out.
Seven years later she's convinced herself it was all a figment of her imagination, but why does she still have nightmares about it? And why can't she believe that Raiden never existed?
Wasn't it all just a game?