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Caleb Breaky's interview of Grace

Homeschool Horizon's interview with Grace 

What People are Saying about Grace's Writing:

"You capture voice so very well in your writing, and voice is a part of the craft not easily taught. Some argue it cannot be taught."

"I love how in the shortness of your words you've achieved such a beautiful picture in my mind. Some people scare themselves with short poems, thinking that they need more to express what they feel. They end up adding junky, shallow things to make it seem like it took more effort or had more meaning. But you really fearlessly put it out their with simplicity in structure and word choice and it draws your idea perfectly."

"There's something about all of your poetry I really like. I almost always end up adding at least one of them to my favorites."

"Easy to relate to."

"Great poem, huge impact on me. its one of those poems that make me sit and think. It's the thoughts that wont leave you alone that always have the biggest impact."

"...Again, I am at a loss for words...I don't know how you do it, you render me speechless."

"This was fantastic, the formatting and use of repetition really made the theme stand out and slap you in the face. You helped me get some creative juices going, so thanks."

"I've always admired your knack for putting yourself in a foreign position and speaking to... Yourself, someone else; whoever."

"Beautiful. Amazing. Wonderful. Magnificent. Marvellous. Epic. Inspiring. Great. Lovely. Excellent. I could go on forever, but I think you get the point."

"Wonderful work. The emotions are clear, overwhelming...and beautiful."

"The way you bounced the conversation off one then the other was realistic, I thought, and quite well done."

"Very good. I do like someone who can tell a story."