Friday, January 11, 2013

Bag Box - How to Make One

My sister stayed over with me for a week after new years and helped me with my "nesting." (That's what she calls it.) Personally, I think I over-organize and change things around even when I'm not 8 months pregnant! I blame my mother for the urge but I also thank her for it since I very much enjoy finding the perfect place to store things or the perfect way to do it.

For quite awhile the "bag of bags" where I stored all my plastic bags was driving me crazy. It took up almost an entire shelf in my pantry and looked messy. While visiting my parents my Mother showed me some of her ideas for the house they are building and a "bag box" was something she wanted.
It inspired me to make one of my own. So, with my sisters help, I made one! It only took 15 minutes and here is how we did it:

We used: 
Wrapping paper (green, since that's the colour in my kitchen)
Cardboard box (I used a small one)
Packaging tape
Regular tape
A knife (we would have rather used an x-acto knife but we didn't have one on hand)
A permanent marker
A container lid (a circle big enough to make a hole to fit your hand through)

First we traced the container lid on the side of the box with the permanent marker.
 Then we cut out the circle with the knife.

 Next, we wrapped the box like you would any gift. (Making a mark on the paper where the hole in the box was underneath the wrapping paper)
 We took the scissors and cut through where the hole was underneath, cutting it like a pie. Making sure to go right to the edge of the circle but no father.

 We took pieces of packaging tape and placed them over the cut tabs, re-cutting them again so that they were reenforced by the tape and didn't rip easily.
We bent in the tabs and taped them to the inside of the box using pieces of regular tape.
All that was left was to fold and place the plastic bags inside the box and, voila! My bag box! I love it and it takes up 1/3 of the space my "bag of bags" did.

Thanks to my sister for helping :)